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Description: Plastic Laminate Worksurface,Sitting/Bench Height
Catalog Number: AMCLWB3548M
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: VWRSSNL1260
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: 76470-552
Supplier: VWR International

Description: The 8.6cm Meker grid top forms consistent blue cones of flame. Safety cap design eliminates back-flashes. Die-cast base and venturi tube are nickel plated. 38mm grid diameter. BTU output: 800-1200. Fuel: Natural gas.
Catalog Number: 89038-544
Supplier: VWR International

Description: VWR 9 inch stainless steel, PTFE coated tongs can be used to handle hot, cold, corrosive, or sticky materials without scratching or damaging surfaces.
Catalog Number: 82027-376
Supplier: VWR International

Description: 1.28in Needle Point Naturally Biodegradable Inoculation Pick Sized To Fit in A Closed 1.5mL Tube. Eliminates Wasted Time And Effort. Simply Pick, Drop And Close. Made in the USA.
Catalog Number: 89233-132
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: AMC353036CN
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: VWR2L1842
Supplier: VWR International

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