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Description: Secure, Clean, Visible Ideal for Transporting Biological and Clinical Samples,Duraporterbox Enables the User To Visibly Check Sample Integrity, So That It Can Be Opened Using the Right Precautions. Polycarbonate Constructionautoclavable 380 X 196 X 160 Mm
Catalog Number: 89511-782
Supplier: VWR International

Description: VWR* Volumetric Flask, Clear Glass, Class A, Narrow Neck, With Penny Head Glass Stopper, Unserialized (With Lot Certificate), Stopper No. 13, Tolerance +/- 0.08mL, With Red Vertical Stripe, Capacity: 100mL
Catalog Number: 76008-704
Supplier: VWR International

Description: 2.0 mil polypropylene. 20.3x30.5cm. For disposal of biohazardous materials requiring autoclaving. Resists punctures and tears. Maximum autoclave temperature 135[degree]C. Wire closure. Meet ASTM D1709-98. Printed "AUTOCLAVED" indicator. Orange.
Catalog Number: 14220-046
Supplier: VWR International

Description: 2 Contouring bars to conform to face, earloops, Pink
Catalog Number: 414004-672
Supplier: VWR International

Description: C/F Switchable, Range -50/280[degree]C and -58/536[degree]F, 200mm Stem Length,On/Off Switch, Stainless Steel Rust Proof Probe complete with probe cover and clip. Data Hold Feature included. Waterproof.
Catalog Number: 82021-164
Supplier: VWR International

Description: Base Cabinet Trim Parts, for Rear Scribe
Catalog Number: CFL-0836-R
Supplier: VWR International

Description: VWR* Culture Flask, CellATTACH* Surface Treated, Approx Cell Growth Area: 75cm2, Cap style: Vent, Sterile, Dnase/Rnase-free, Non-pyrogenic, Special area near the neck for easy mark writing, Sterilized by gamma irradiation, with uper hydrophilic surface, Size: 250 ml
Catalog Number: 10861-646
Supplier: VWR International

Description: Pure white borosilicate glass with excellent chemical resistance and flatness. Under UV light emit no disturbing self-fluorescence. Thickness: 0.13-0.16 mm. Square. 22 x 22 mm.
Catalog Number: 16004-094
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: 82027-462
Supplier: VWR International

Description: Stainless steel. Serrated tips. Length 152mm (6in).
Catalog Number: 82027-438
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: 89094-144
Supplier: VWR International

Catalog Number: BDH9268-500G
Supplier: VWR International

Description: Walk-in incubator. Volume: 781L. Heated forced-air circulation with +-0.5[degree] temperature uniformity. Temperature range: ambient+5[degree] to 60[degree]C. Pre-wired access panel for chart recorder. Six adjustable shelves. 115V, 1100W. CSA.
Catalog Number: 35962-062
Supplier: VWR International

Minority or Woman-Owned Business Enterprise Small Business Enterprise CSA Certified

Description: These baskets will withstand acid and alkali solutions (9 x 9 x 9inch)
Catalog Number: 89259-844
Supplier: VWR International

Description: VWR* Packers, Amber, Wide Mouth bottle, sturdy Type III soda-lime glass, amber glass protection for light-sensitive samples, with unattached black phenolic caps, Cap Size: 53-400, Dia x H: 80 x 146 mm, Liner Material: Pulp/Vinyl, Capacity: 500 mL (16.9oz)
Catalog Number: 10861-908
Supplier: VWR International

Description: PTFE* resin-coated, octagon-shaped stirring bars with molded-on pivot ring. 25.4Lx7.9Dmm.
Catalog Number: 58948-138
Supplier: VWR International

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