Mantle, Aluminum Housing, Round Bottom, Ace Glass Incorporated

Supplier: Ace Glass
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89076-020EA 600.4 USD
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Mantle, Aluminum Housing, Round Bottom, Ace Glass Incorporated
Heaters Heating Mantles
This mantle offers the benefits of grounding via its aluminum housing

The heating element is embedded in layers of glass fabric to protect the flask wall from thermal strain, and the mantle is thoroughly covered with glass insulation to prevent heat from being radiated outward. The glass fabric affords operating temperatures to 450°C (842°F). Mantle is CSA certified.

Información para pedidos: Mantle is supplied complete with detachable 122cm (4'), three-wire cord and locking connector. An appropriate size support (see 89076-334) is required, but not included. Mantle must be operated through a temperature controller. A 230V version is also available for 250mL and larger mantles. Contact your VWR representative for more information.
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