MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler, Corning

Supplier: Corning
MaxiGene II
THERM-1001 THERM-1000
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MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler, Corning
Thermal Cyclers
The Axygen® MaxyGene II is an ideal multi-purpose thermal cycler for the basic research laboratory. The MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler is simple to program, compact in design and built to perform.

  • Flexible programming and rapid run times
  • Ramping rates up to 5 °C/sec
  • Simple user interface
  • Large backlit LCD with graphical display
  • Large alphanumeric keys for protocol entry, function keys for screen selections and arrow keys for easy software navigation
  • Adjustable heated lid accommodates strips, tubes and microplates
  • Pre-programmed standard protocols

The thermal cycler makes method optimisation affordable and provides consistent, reliable results. It also features Precision Thermal Control, rapid heating and cooling of the precision-machined sample block by six independently temperature controlled Peltier modules. A sophisticated algorithm program calculates sample temperature and triggers heating and cooling accordingly, minimising over- and under-shooting. The MaxyGene II Thermal Cycler may be programmed to operate between one and six different annealing temperatures across the block. The thermal cycler provides improved throughput by reducing time and simplifies workflow by reducing steps.

A variety of applications from single temperature soaks to sophisticated multistep programs can be performed with the MaxyGene II. All of these are easily set up. The time or temperature of a cycling step can be automatically increased or decreased during successive cycles. This is useful for 'touchdown' applications and for extending annealing times as enzyme is depleted. Programs may also be paused while running. During operation, actual times and temperatures are displayed. Estimated run times are automatically calculated and a log of the last run can be displayed or downloaded to a printer or PC.

Well spacing in the MaxyGene II block is compatible with both thin walled thermal cycling plates and 0.2 ml strip tubes. For best fit and performance, the use of Axygen® thin walled polypropylene plates and tubes are recommended. Individual 0.2 ml tubes may also be used.

Certificaciones: ETL Certified and CSA compliant.
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