Ward's® Simulated Blood For Micro hematocrit Value Determination

Supplier: Ward's
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Ward's® Simulated Blood For Micro hematocrit Value Determination
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Students learn how to use a micro hematocrit to determine percent of solids in blood using simulated blood.

  • Simulated Blood Produced with "Solids" and "Sera," Which Can Be Centrifuged
  • Available in Four Varieties
  • Students Learn How to Use a Micro Hematocrit with Simulated Blood

This procedure, which determines the proportion of packed red blood cells to plasma, is often used to diagnose anemia, dehydration, and polycythemia vera.

One container is sufficient for 15 to 20 micro-hematocrit value determinations.

Información para pedidos: Micro-hematocrit centrifuge and capillary tubes are available separately.
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