Ward’s® Compact Molecular Model Set, 63 Pieces

Supplier: VWR International
470149-214EA 25.55 USD
Ward’s® Compact Molecular Model Set, 63 Pieces
Models Molecular Biology Models
Build A Variety of Atomic Structures

Basic principles of atomic structure and bonding are brought to life with this colorful, hands–on set, perfect for chemistry demonstrations and practice at the middle school level. Includes 37 color–coded spheres representing core elements of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur. Each sphere contains holes for inserting links that represent chemical bonds, including 26 short white links with link remover tool. Spheres range in diameter from 15mm to 22mm.

Qty Element Color Diameter
14 Hydrogen White 15 mm
6 Carbon-CH4 Black 22 mm
2 Carbon-CO2 Black 22 mm
1 Carbon-CO Black 22 mm
6 Oxygen-CO2, CO, O2 Red 20 mm
2 Oxygen-H2O Red 20 mm
2 Nitrogen-N2 Blue 22 mm
1 Nitrogen-NH3 Blue 22 mm
2 Chlorine-Cl2, HCl Green 20 mm
1 Sulfur Yellow 22 mm
26 Short White Links
1 Link Remover Tool
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