Ward's® Planarian Model

470029-430EA 999 USD
Ward's® Planarian Model
Models Zoology Models
Four Models On One Plaque Detail Flatworm Anatomy

  • The Most Detailed Planaria Model Available
  • All Structures Shown On 4 Models On A Single Base
  • Designed By Wards

Cast in durable resin, the two large and two small models on the raised-relief plaque illustrate the various structures of the organism. The larger models, each 18" long and 5" wide, depict dorsal dissections of the nervous system and of the reproductive system, with a cross section of the digestive and excretory systems, enlarged 25X. The two smaller models show a whole worm with extended pharynx, along with a highly magnified flame cell. Each model is beautifully detailed and colored so all important features are emphasized and easy to locate.
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