VWR® PCR Plate Spinners

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
C1000-VWR230 C1000-VWR
89184-608EA 878.59 USD
89184-608 89184-610
VWR® PCR Plate Spinners
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The VWR® PCR plate spinner offers a personal-sized centrifuge designed to spin down PCR plates.

  • Equipped with a dual position vertical rotor that accepts a wide variety of PCR plates
  • 96-well, 384-well, skirted and non skirted plates are all compatible
  • Rotor features integral plate guides, ensuring that plates stay vertical and do not tip inside the rotor

The use of an adapter plate enables you to spin down individual PCR tubes, 8- or 12- place PCR strips, and up to 4x 48 well half plates. Sealed microplates are loaded vertically through the loading slots. The rotor can be turned using the rotor knob to insert the second plate. Upon closing the lid of the unit, the motor quickly accelerates to 2500 rpm and will maintain speed until the ‘Open’ button is pressed. After pressing the button, the rotor brake engages and brings the rotor to a quick and gentle stop.
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