SoftGrip™ Multi-Channel Adjustable Volume Manual Pipettes, Hamilton Company

Supplier: Hamilton
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SoftGrip™ Multi-Channel Adjustable Volume Manual Pipettes, Hamilton Company
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The Hamilton line of pipettes puts a priority on addressing the issues of hand strain, fatigue and other injuries.

With the multi-channel pipettes you have the option of either a 5 to 50 µl or 30 to 300 µl in both the 8 and 12 channels. The unique, long tip ejector lever and movable lower body can be rotated a full 360° relative to the handle to provide maximum comfort for left- or right-handed use. The isolated volume adjustment makes it so there's no need for a locking mechanism to prevent accidental volume adjustment.

The new generation of Hamilton pipettes has a dual indicator that improves the volume adjustment accuracy by removing the parallax errors. The slim ejection sleeve is made from a high strength, chemically resistant polymer. The slim design allows the pipette to reach to the bottom of narrow tubes without the need for extended length tips.

SoftGrip™ pipettes have a universal calibration key that reduces the need for costly calibration services. Calibration requires only minutes to perform and eliminates the downtime and cost of alternative calibration methods.

The SoftGrip™ tip nozzle ensures a proper fit with universal pipette tips. Unique color coding and labeling clearly indicates the working ranges of the adjustable volume pipettes.

Our products set new standards for quality, comfort and precision.

Información accesorios: The calibration key is used to quickly calibrate all SoftGrip™ Pipettes. One calibration key fits all adjustable and fixed, single and multi-channel pipettes.
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