Protocol™ Parasitology Vials, Thermo Scientific

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Protocol™ Parasitology Vials, Thermo Scientific
Sample Containers Parasitology Containers
For the collection, transport, and examination of fecal specimens

Sodium acetate-acetic acid-formalin (SAF) is ideally suited for use with helminth eggs and larvae, protozoan trophozoites and cysts, and cocciadian oocysts and microsporidian spores. Slides fixed with SAF may be stained using trichrome or hematoxylin. 10% neutral buffered formalin is an all purpose fixative appropriate for helminth eggs and larvae and for protozoan cysts. The buffering system helps to maintain organism morphology. Fixed specimens may be examined directly or concentrated for recovery of eggs, larvae, and protozoan cysts.

C&S media and Cary Blair media facilitate the collection and transport of enteric bacterial pathogens, while maintaining the bacterial population for optimum recovery for up to 96 hours. C&S medium: Agar, sodium thioglycolate, Na2HPO4, calcium chloride, phenol red. Cary Blair medium: Agar, DI water, KH2PO4, NA2HPO4, phenol red, sodium chloride, sodium thioglycolate.

Modified (Cu) PVA fixative acts as a preservative and fixative ideally suited for protozoan trophozoites. Slides fixed with Modified PVA may be stained with trichrome or hematoxylin.

Zn-PVA is used as a preservative and fixative for protozoan trophozoites. Proper use assures the parasitologist that diagnostic stages of intestinal parasites, if present, will be preserved. Slides fixed Zn-PVA may be stained using trichrome or hematoxylin.

A full line of mercury-free fixatives and preservatives are available in 15mL single vials, or double- and triple-vial kits to meet individual laboratory needs

Información para pedidos: Single-vial kits contain 20 vials. Double- and triple-vial kits contain ten vials of each type.
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