High Torque Overhead Stirrers, Caframo

Supplier: Caframo
BDC6015 BDC1850 BDC3030220U1 BDC1850-220 BDC1850 BDC1850220U1 BDC3030 BDC3030 BDC6015220U1 BDC6015 BDC6015220AU BDC3030-220 BDC1850220AU BDC6015-220 BDC3030220AU
77776-354CS 13260.28 USD
77776-354 58960-447 10860-298 CA58960-183 CA58960-180 10860-010 CA58960-165 77776-348 10860-302 CA58960-170 10860-300 CA58960-167 10860-288 CA58960-173 10860-296
High Torque Overhead Stirrers, Caframo
Stirrers Overhead Stirrers Overhead Stirrers, Electronic
Designed for continuous, high viscosity mixing

These benchtop overhead stirrers are most suitable for highly viscous mixing applications. Other applications include cosmetics and personal care products, inks and coatings, paint, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, pilot plants, adhesives, and epoxies.

Brushless, sparkless DC motor and two speed transmission deliver constant performance under changing conditions. Speed is maintained through electronic control as product viscosity changes. Stirrers are built with a totally enclosed metal housing, through shaft, digital display, and chuck guard.

Certificaciones: CSA, CE marked, RoHS and WEEE.

Información para pedidos: Clamp, stand, and impellers are available. A 220V model is also available. Units are also supplied with a three-year warranty. Contact VWR customer service to obtain ordering information. Safety stand includes cast metal base and support rod.
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