Gosselin Inoculating Loops and Spreaders, Corning

Supplier: Corning
OS1B-01 OS10B-02 OS10-02 OS1-01 ETAR-05 ETAR-01 ETAT-04
89200-928CS 910.07 USD
89200-928 89200-922 89200-966 89200-932 89200-924 89200-968 89200-964
Gosselin Inoculating Loops and Spreaders, Corning
Spreaders Inoculating Loops and Needles
Gosselin offers a wide range of disposable sampling tools including Inoculating Loops and Spreaders

These polystyrene inoculating loops and spreaders are highly ergonomic and are color coded for easy identification. The inoculating loops and spreaders are assured Sterile 10-3.

The L-shaped spreader has a curved end to enable smooth contact with agar. The spreaders are packed in zip bags with tamper-evident seals.

Traceability information is provided on each bag.

Gosselin is a Corning brand of laboratory plasticware designed for use in industrial microbiology labs such as Food & Beverage, Environmental/Water Testing, etc.

See also Gosselin Dippers with Removable Handles, Cutlery, Blender Bags, and Pipettes.
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