Terrific Broth, Powder, VWR®

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Terrific Broth, Powder, VWR®
Media for Microbiology Dehydrated Media for Microbiology
Terrific Broth is an enriched medium, ideal for culturing cells for nucleic acid purification and recombinant protein expression.

  • Save time using premixed and ready-to-use media
  • Homogenous and high quality powders

It is an enriched medium containing high levels of tryptone and yeast extract, which provide amino acids, vitamins and trace elements necessary for high density growth. Glycerol is added as a carbohydrate source, while the potassium phosphate is present to both maintain optimal pH and serve as a source of potassium for cellular metabolism.Glycerol is not supplied with this media.

Suspend 47.6 g of Terrific Broth powder and 4 mL of glycerol in 1 L of purified water and allow to dissolve.Autoclave for 15 minutes at 15 psi at 121°C. Note: Alternatively, medium may be sterile-filtered.Allow the solution to cool to 50°C or below before adding supplemental components and antibiotic.

1L of prepared media contains 12 grams of tryptone, 24 grams of yeast extract, 9.4 grams of potassium phosphate dibasic, 2.2 grams of potassium phosphate monobasic.

Store Terrific Broth, Powder at room temperature (18 – 26°C). Store prepared medium cold (2 – 8°C).
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