Disposable Plastic Serological Pipettes, Argos Technologies

Supplier: Argos Technologies
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Disposable Plastic Serological Pipettes, Argos Technologies
Pipets Serological Pipets
Argos brand standard serological pipettes are designed for accurate and rapid fluid dispensing

Argos Aspirating pipettes are sterile, individually wrapped plastic serological pipettes that are supplied without filter plugs and graduations for vacuum aspirating applications. They are very useful in tissue culture applications when aspirating larger volumes from dishes, flasks, or roller bottles.

Argos open end pipettes are just like the standard individually wrapped pipettes without the tip. The wide end opening is ideal when pipetting thick or viscous liguids, liquids that contain particulates which could block a standard tip pipette, or in applications where speed is critical. Supplied individually wrapped, graduated, sterile, and with a filter plug mouthpiece.

Argos pipettes are made from transparent medical grade polystyrene sterilized by gamma irradiation. Each lot is tested for endotoxins (C.5 Eu/ml) (ISO T0993-11), cytotoxicity (ISO10993-5), and are guaranteed non-hemolytic (ISO10993-4).

These polystyrene pipettes are sterile, pyrogen-free, and they utilize a unique filter plug to prevent overfilling. The filter plug eliminates lint fibers and is ensured to stay in place. The sharp, black, highly legible permanent graduations prevent ambiguity and guarantee precise reading and accurate dispensing to +1 to 2%. Reverse graduations show volume removed or remaining on all pipettes larger than 1 ml. Generous negative graduations provide additional pipetting volume. Pipettes are available bulk packed in polyethylene bags for high-volume usage or individually wrapped in a fiber-free paper and plastic combination that is easy to open. The uniform mouth piece fits all major pipettors. Pipettes have color-coded TD rings for ease of identification. The 1.1 ml and 2.2 ml bacteriological pipettes meet the A.P.H.A. standards for the examination of dairy products. Calibrated TD with blow out. Meets AST\< E934.
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