BD Vacutainer® Anaerobic Specimen Collector, BD Biosciences

Supplier: BD Biosciences
BD Vacutainer®
236500 236500
90002-698CS 2433.3 USD
CA90002-698 90002-698
BD Vacutainer® Anaerobic Specimen Collector, BD Biosciences
Sample Containers General Purpose Containers
Ideal for transporting swab, tissue, or liquid specimens

Particularly suited for small volumes or when dilution of specimens by a transport medium is to be avoided. Delivers accuracy, reproducibility, and proven 72-hour survivability in the collection and transport of fragile anaerobic specimens. Designed to provide a method to protect anaerobic bacteria from exposure to toxic amounts of oxygen during the time from specimen collection to inoculation of suitable media. The system may be used for liquid specimens collected with a needle and syringe. Aerobic organisms will also survive in this system. Device offers a built-in oxygen-elimination system that is activated by depressing the plunger and a reliable color-change indicator to ensure that anaerobiosis has been achieved. The medium-free environment keeps the specimen moist while allowing direct, fast, and easy plating in the laboratory.
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