Histoplex™ Histology Containers, Starplex®

Supplier: Starplex Scientific
PH5002 H20002 H902-FL H2502-C H20002 H402-FL H5002-C H95002 H10002-C H402-FL PH10002 H80002 H10002-C H5002-C H902-FL B402-VO H50002 H200002 B402-VO H602-FL H602-FL H50002 H202-FL H80002 H2502-C
15001-134CS 232.28 USD
15001-134 15001-132 76182-096 15001-136 CA73240-058 CA73240-052 CA73240-096 CA95038-618 CA73240-090 CA66410-049 15001-130 15001-124 15001-122 CA73240-068 15001-128 CA73240-100 CA73240-048 15001-126 CA73240-040L CA73240-064 CA73240-066 CA73240-062 CA95038-620 15001-120 10799-382
Histoplex™ Histology Containers, Starplex®
Sample Containers General Purpose Containers
These nonsterile containers are carefully engineered for the storage of histology specimens

The 20mL, 40mL, 60mL, and 90mL containers are clear polypropylene and have graduations for easy fill line viewing. They feature a yellow, molded O-Ring screw-on cap, which forms a seal that eliminates most formalin leakage and evaporation. They also feature reinforced top and bottom, and a full circle cap thread to eliminate cross-threading. Containers are straight-sided to save space in storage areas. The 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL containers are the same except they feature a ribbed cap that is easy to handle, even with wet gloves.

The 2000, 5000, and 8000mL containers are opaque polyethylene with a removable plastic handle. Unique, white, snap-on/flip-top caps are tamper evident and will not leak or pop off.

Sturdy construction is able to withstand difficult transportation conditions, rough use, and years of storage.

Información para pedidos: The 40mL and 90mL containers are bulk packed, while all other sizes are nested in shipping cases to save storage space.
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