BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ Collection and Transport Systems, BD Medical

Supplier: BD Medical
BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™
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BD BBL™ Port-A-Cul™ Collection and Transport Systems, BD Medical
Sample Containers General Purpose Containers
These transport systems contain a pre-reduced transport medium and are intended for use in maintaining viability of both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms during transport

Vials allow transport of fluid specimens and are designed for easy injection via syringe. Tubes are ideal for specimens obtained on swabs. Jars are sterile with a 7.6cm (3") wide screw cap and a 2.5cm (1") wide mouth to facilitate tissue and other larger sample specimens.

An indicator in the medium provides visual assurance that the media is anaerobic and provides continuous monitoring of the environment within the vessel. Viability of a wide variety of anaerobic, facultative, aerobic, and microaerophilic organisms is maintained for up to 72 hours at 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F).

Información para pedidos: Sterile tube pack (90001-396) includes a tube and two wooden swabs. Fluid transport kit contains vial and a 5cc syringe with attached 22G needle.
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