Tight-Seal Tubing Clamp Kit

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
21732-000EA 124.93 USD
Tight-Seal Tubing Clamp Kit
Clamps Tubing Clamps
Chemical- and corrosion-resistant nylon clamps are ideal for use in a wide range of temperatures.

  • For pressure, vacuum, and liquid applications when a tight seal is required
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • May be sterilized for certain applications
  • Compatible with all types of plastic and rubber tubing

May be chemically and gas sterilized for biomedical or food applications. Clamps securely fasten tubing on connectors, pumps, glassware, and filtration units. One-piece reusable clamp squeezes shut for a leakproof seal. To release the clamp, press down on side.

Información para pedidos: Kit is supplied with 13 clamp sizes to accommodate tubing. Five of each size are supplied. Clamp I.D. range for 13 sizes: 0.246–0.290", 0.360–0.406", 0.410–0.468", 0.475–0.536", 0.538–0.608", 0.597–0.665", 0.670–0.780", 0.730–0.830", 0.870–0.975", 0.953–1.093", 1.031–1.187", 1.250–1.425", and 1.406–1.610".
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