Super Erecta Shelf® Ledges, 100 mm (4"), Stackable, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
Super Erecta Shelf®
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Super Erecta Shelf® Ledges, 100 mm (4"), Stackable, Metro™
Furniture Shelves
These ledges keep shelf contents orderly with 20.3 cm (8") high, pressure-fit dividers.

  • Ledges to be used with Super Erecta® shelving systems

Note: Actual ledge length is approximately 2.5 cm (1") shorter than the nominal shelf length/width.

And also prevent items from protruding or falling from shelves.

Información para pedidos: For designer color ledges, color must be specified at time of order. Designer colors include black matte, flame, hunter green, copper hammertone, and silver hammertone. Contact your VWR representative for more information.
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