XPert™ Bulk Powder Enclosures, Labconco®

Supplier: Labconco
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XPert™ Bulk Powder Enclosures, Labconco®
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Bulk powder enclosures keep airborne particulates and fumes contained during powder transfer operations

Enclosures also feature a built-in Guardian™ 1000 digital airflow monitor. If the face velocity falls below the setpoint for more than six seconds, an audible alarm sounds and a red light glows. The alarm can be muted. Airflow monitor features an LCD display of actual face velocity and an RS-232 port. Retaining rings are constructed of Type 304 stainless steel. One retaining ring is required; it should be slightly larger than diameter of source container and a minimum of 5.1cm (2") smaller than the inner bag diameter. Polyethylene safety sleeves are fastened with a retaining band to the outside of the source container and access opening to help contain powders for easy clean up. The access opening cover provides a solid work surface. An extra transfer caddy is available to provide for easier material handling. Optional utility shelf kit has three epoxy-coated steel shelves.

Airfoils with Clean-Sweep™ openings enhance airflow, and a zone-perforated rear baffle creates a horizontal laminar airflow to maximize containment. A 30.5cm (12") sash operating height and the ample interior height can accommodate large micro or analytical balances. Angled sash is constructed of 0.6cm (1/4") thick tempered safety glass that is hinged to pivot up and lock for loading. Enclosures feature two utility ports, upper dilution air supplies, and upper containment sash foils. Enclosures incorporate a low-profile design and are equipped with side-entry airfoils, built-in top-mounted airflow monitor, and left side-mounted waste chute. Sides and top are constructed of 0.6cm (1/4") thick, non-static producing tempered safety glass that provides excellent visibility, ambient light, and protection. Sturdy, dry-powder and epoxy-coated aluminum frame and steel rear panel and baffle support the enclosure. A push-button hydraulic lift mechanism raises the container to the optimal height. An electronic beam senses the location of the container and triggers the lift mechanism to automatically stop at the optimal access height. Three 5.1x25.4cm (2x10") rectangular openings may be used to attach the enclosure to a remote blower or portable exhauster.

Certificaciones: All stations conform to modified ASHRAE 110-1995 standards, SEFA 1-2002 standards, and ANSI Z9.5-1-993 standards. The 115V models are ETL listed; the 230V models are CE marked.

Información para pedidos: Items designated as REDISHIP can be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order. Enclosures are supplied with a transfer caddy with 7.6cm (3") casters. All enclosures require ducting to house exhaust, remote exhaust, or FilterMate™ portable exhausters (see 82010-632 series). All models also require a retaining ring, safety sleeves, retaining bands, access opening cover, and waste chute bags (all sold separately). Contact your VWR representative for more information.
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