MetroMax i™ Shelves and Posts, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
MetroMax i™
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MetroMax i™ Shelves and Posts, Metro™
Furniture Shelves
Microban® antimicrobial product protection built in to the shelf mats to inhibit stain and odor causing bacterial growth.

  • Posts feature polymer construction and are adjustable at 2.5 cm (1") increments
  • Solid mats are excellent for spill containment

Shelves consist of a shelf frame, open-grid or solid shelf mat, and four wedge connectors. Open-grid mats allow for air circulation and reduce dust and moisture buildup. Shelf mats may be removed from the shelf frame for easy cleaning.

Shelves may be adjusted in 2.5 cm (1") increments on the shelf posts (sold separately). Shelves up to 121.9 cm (48") in length support up to 362.9 kg (800lbs.) per level. Shelves 137.2 (54") and longer can support up to 272.2 kg (600 lbs.) per level. MetroMax i™ products are ideal for high-moisture applications and are recommended for continuous use in temperatures from –29 to +52 °C (–20 to +125 °F), with acceptable intermittent exposure to 93 °C (200 °F).

Stationary posts are fitted with adjustable leveling bolts to compensate for uneven surfaces. Mobile posts are fitted to accept casters (sold separately).

Información para pedidos: MetroMax i™ products feature a lifetime manufacturer's warranty against corrosion and rust. For additional accessories such as shelf dividers, stackable ledges, tray slides, label holders, and more, see 82027-268 series. For casters, see 19766-254 series.
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