Super Erecta Shelf® Stem Caster Carts, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
Super Erecta Shelf®
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Super Erecta Shelf® Stem Caster Carts, Metro™
These four-shelf carts with casters are designed for safe transport and storage

Chrome carts feature chrome-plated wire shelving and posts. Super Erecta Brite* carts feature zinc-plated shelves and chrome-plated posts. Both finishes are ideal for use in dry environments. Open wire shelf design minimizes dust and increases air circulation and visibility. Shelves are adjustable at 2.5cm (1") increments and utilize snap-on tapered “sleeves” to secure them to posts.

Información para pedidos: Carts are shipped knocked down for easy assembly. Each cart includes four shelves, posts, plastic split sleeves, donut bumpers, and designated casters. For other cart sizes and accessories, contact your VWR sales representative.
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