PYREX® Tenbroeck Homogenizers with Pour Spout, Corning

Supplier: Corning

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89091-380CS 700.42 USD
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PYREX® Tenbroeck Homogenizers with Pour Spout, Corning
Homogenizers Tissue Grinders
These tissue grinders are designed for use in hand grinding small samples for pathological or biochemical studies. It may also be motor driven at low speed if some form of friction release is provided. Mortar tubes and pestles are ground to be interchangeable. The medium grind provides the required abrasive action to deliver well homogenized samples.

Clearance between the two parts is approximately 0.15 mm.

Certificaciones: Made in accordance with Federal Specification NNN-T-360B.

Precaución: If used with motor-driven device, attachment must contain some sort of friction release clutch to prevent damage to the apparatus. User should wear protective glove of sufficient thickness to prevent injury in event of the failure of the glass components.
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