Disrupter Horns and Microtips, Branson Ultrasonics

Supplier: Branson
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33996-174EA 415.79 USD
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Disrupter Horns and Microtips, Branson Ultrasonics
Homogenizers Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors
Disrupter Horns and Microtips for use with Sonifier® cell disrupters (see 33995-590 series).

  • All horns and tips are titanium
  • Horns transmit ultrasonic energy into a solution
  • The dimensions of the horn and the output control setting determine the amount of amplitude and degree of ultrasonic activity in the liquid

A step horn with a threaded body enables the attachment of various screw-on accessories, such as a continuous flow cell

Flat tips are ideal for general processing applications. Tapered micro tips are for processing small volumes (1 to 10 ml) and attach directly to the 13 mm (1/2") tapped disrupter horn 33995-323. The double stepped microtip assembly consists of a coupler and a stepped tip and attaches directly without need for a tapped horn. It has lower amplitude than the tapered tip, but is capable of reaching into small diameter vessels of greater depth and can process solutions ≤1 µL.

Tapped horn ends enable attachment of microtips. Tapped horns are supplied with removable flat tips. High gain horns cannot be used with screw-on accessories but provide higher amplitude at 19 mm (3/4") and 25 mm (1") diameters than the same diameter step horn. Exponential horns have lower tip amplitude, can withstand higher tip loading, and are best suited for applications requiring the compressing of solids such as powders and tissue. Cup horns enable sonification of a sample without the horn coming in contact with the solution. They can simultaneously process a number of sealed vials or test tubes with identical parameters.
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