MicroFunnel™ ST Disposable Filter Funnels, Pall Laboratory

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
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MicroFunnel™ ST Disposable Filter Funnels, Pall Laboratory
Funnels Membrane Filter Funnels
Convenient and economical choice for sterility testing within isolators.

  • Economical
  • Ideal for aqueous solutions
  • Individually bagged

MicroFunnel™ ST filter funnels are ideal for testing any aqueous solution for microbial contamination using the principles of Membrane Filter (MF) technique

The unique squeeze separation makes membrane retrieval easy. Choose from 0.45 µm GN-6 Metricel® (mixed cellulose ester) membrane used for most applications or 0.2 and 0.45 µm Supor® (polyethersulfone) membrane to minimize binding of inhibitory substances. Available in 100 and 300 ml capacity. Graduations marked on outside of cylinder for better visibility and easy measurement. Gamma irradiated. Gamma irradiation dose is 15 to 30 kGy.

Individually bagged funnels are packaged within an overpack bag. The double bagged design makes them easy to transfer into isolators or more convenient to wipe down for use in cleanrooms and hoods. Chose from a variety of membranes and pore sizes to best suit your testing needs.

Información para pedidos: 100mL funnels 40/pkg: packaged 10 individually bagged funnels per overpack bag, 4 overpack bags per box. 300mL funnels 20/pkg: packaged 5 individually bagged funnels per overpack bag, 4 overpack bags per box. Other types of Disposable Filter Funnels are available. See MicroFunnel™ Disposable Filter Funnels for a broad selection of disposable filter funnels, individually bagged for general testing of aqueous solutions. See MicroFunnel™ Plus Disposable Filter Funnels for funnels designed specifically for water system monitoring—sample cup and filter funnel all in one. Sentino™ Microbiology Pump--designed specifically for MicroFunnel™ filter funnel. Contact your Avantor sales representative for more information.
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