BioNeb® Nebulizing Cell Disruption Systems, Glas-Col®

Supplier: Glas-Col
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BioNeb® Nebulizing Cell Disruption Systems, Glas-Col®
Homogenizers Ultrasonic Cell Disruptors
These efficient and versatile systems can be used to gently open cells or completely disrupt them

Greater than 90% disruption of many types of cells can be achieved in only one or two passes. Fast, efficient process disrupts even the toughest cells in seconds. System is controlled by regulation of helium or nitrogen gas pressure, allowing for precise adjustments. Each system has single-pass batch operation, single-pass continuous flow operation, and continuous recycling operation modes.

BioNeb® systems do not require electricity, pressure chambers, or pumps. Unlike sonication and high-pressure liquid shear cell disruption systems, these systems do not require an expensive cooling system. BioNeb® cell disruption systems do not generate heat, minimizing sample damage. Easy to use, clean, and move.

Systems enable the gentle opening of cells without damaging internal structures, as necessary for organelle isolation, and the thorough breakage of intact cells, as necessary for preparation of a cell extract. Systems can also shear large biomolecules such as DNA to a desired size.

Información para pedidos: Supplied with cylinder for the appropriate sample volumes, universal positioner with base plate, flowmeter, and tubing.
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