VACUUBRAND® RC6 Chemistry-HYBRID Vacuum Pump, BrandTech

Supplier: BrandTech
89005-772EA 15542.66 USD
VACUUBRAND® RC6 Chemistry-HYBRID Vacuum Pump, BrandTech
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Vacuum pump combines both rotary vane and diaphragm technologies to reduce oil changes up to 90% in many applications such as molecular distillation

  • Reduce oil changes up to 90%!
  • Combines rotary vane and Chemistry-diaphragm technologies
  • 4-stage design continuously cleans pump oil
  • Excellent choice for freeze-drying

Note: Always use a cold trap with applications involving solvent vapors.

Pump is ideal for freeze dryers up to 6L in capacity, and other applications requiring fine vacuum. It features a two-stage rotary vane pump backed by a chemistry-design PTFE diaphragm pump. Solvent condensation in pump oil is greatly reduced, keeping oil clean and minimizing maintenance. A Bourdon gauge verifies backing pump function

Información para pedidos: Pump is supplied with oil-mist filter, pump oil, operating manual, and one-year manufacturer's warranty. Other voltages are available; contact your VWR representative for more information.
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