VWR® Precut Pierceable Vinyl Films for Robotics

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
89009-656CS 155.77 USD
89009-656 89009-658
VWR® Precut Pierceable Vinyl Films for Robotics
Seals Microplate Seals
These 106.7 µm thick vinyl films with 20 µm adhesive layer are designed for temporary protection of samples in 96-well plates from contamination and evaporation.

  • Protect samples and limit evaporation short-term
  • Precut flaps bend inward without fouling probes or tips
  • Flaps close for continued protection after sampling
  • Recommended temperature range −40 to +90 °C

A precut pattern over each well separates the film into four flaps that bend inward easily when pushed by a robotic probe or pipette tip, allowing access to the sample without coring or adhesive fouling. The resilient flaps regain their original position after sampling for continued sample protection. For long-term sample protection after sampling, a continuous film should be applied as a second layer. Suitable for sealing all standard 96-well plates.

Each film L×D: 145,5×79,4 mm (53/4x31/8")
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