Three-Position and Six-Position Combination Heating Mantles, Glas-Col®

Supplier: Glas-Col
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Three-Position and Six-Position Combination Heating Mantles, Glas-Col®
Heaters Heating Mantles
Ideal for repetitive extracting, refluxing and distilling laboratory applications.

Low-profile combination mantle utilizes convenient heating element container system that allows quick and easy replacement of a failed element and eliminates the need to tear down entire system of glassware. Element containers also act as spill containment chambers. If spill occurs, the whole container can be economically replaced without damage to other parts of the mantle.

All models feature clear anodized aluminum cabinet with black fluoropolymer resin-coated stainless steel top. Three-position units accommodate 500 to 1000 mL flasks. Six-position units accommodate 100 to 300 mL flasks. “RX” version mantles are used with solvents common to Soxhlet extractions, “RJ” version mantles are for refluxing aqueous solutions. Mantle dimensions, 3-position: 62L×31.7D×15.8H cm (241/2×121/2×61/4"); 6-position, 74L×26D×13.3H cm (291/4×101/2×51/4").

Two power control choices are available. Percentage timer version pulses full-line voltage to each heating position according to the dial setting. Proportional voltage version supplies a constant, steady-state voltage to each position. Both come equipped with quick-attach bracket for 1.2 cm (1/2") diameter rod, 1.8 m (6') multiconductor interconnect cord to mantle, and 1.2 m (4') long, three-wire power cord with grounding plug. The six-position timers and power controls are equipped with two brackets, two interconnect cords, and two power cords. Dimensions: 20.9H×11.4W×10.7D cm (81/4×41/2×41/4").

Clamps are used to hold the condensors/extraction glassware.

Información para pedidos: Mantles complete with heating element and a glassware support superstructure consisting of two upright rods, two horizontal rods, four lab clamps, and three spring-type glassware clamps that attach to one of the horizontal support rods. Heating mantle not equipped with power control; please order separately.
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