Cole-Parmer® SHM-200 Series Stirring/Heating Mantles, Antylia Scientific

Supplier: Antylia Scientific
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Cole-Parmer® SHM-200 Series Stirring/Heating Mantles, Antylia Scientific
Heaters Heating Mantles
Provides powerful stirring speeds up to 520 rpm and heating up to 450 °C.

  • Bidirectional stirring with stir bar auto capture function
  • Thermal insulating cartridge provides maximum heat transfer
  • Chemical resistant polypropylene housing is 'safe to the touch'

The added functionality of stirring widens the range of applications. Stirring operation is simply achieved by placing the correct size stir bar into the flask, turning the stir control to the minimum speed, and ramping up slowly. If the magnetic coupling to the stir bar is lost for any reason, the stir speed control should be reduced slightly and the auto-recapture switch can be activated.

Stir the sample while heating up to 450 °C (842 °F). These durable stirring/heating mantles feature a bidirectional magnetic stirrer with speeds up to 520 rpm. An 'auto-recapture' function reactivates stirring if it is interrupted or lost for any reason.

A built-in power controller with dial markings from 1 to 10 offer great repeatability. Two colored lights indicate 'power on' and 'heat on'. The replaceable coiled heating element suspended within a thermal insulating cartridge provides maximum heat transfer and support.

Unique ventilation slots and ceramic fiber insulation keep the chemical-resistant polypropylene exterior cool even while in use. A safety earth (ground) screen and double fuses provide added safety.

Información para pedidos: EMA Electromantles include clamps for 1.3 cm support rods. The units do not include support rods or flasks.
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