VWR® Atlas Overhead Storage Cabinets with Sliding Doors

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
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VWR407524G VWR407523G VWR407526G VWR407520A VWR407525G VWR407520G VWR407526M VWR407525M VWR407522G VWR407521G VWR407526A VWR407525A VWR407522A VWR407521A VWR407524A VWR407523A VWR407522M VWR407521M VWR407524M VWR407523M VWR407520M
VWR® Atlas Overhead Storage Cabinets with Sliding Doors
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Steel cabinets are used in place of open shelving when enclosed storage and/or resistance to dust is required.

  • Sliding doors
  • Color: Light neutral

For double-sided storage without pass-through, two cabinets of the same size may be mounted back to back.

For use with VWR® Atlas mobile carts/mobile laboratory benches.

Información para pedidos: Supplied with mounting hardware. Hardware for back-to-back installation not included.
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