VWR® Zero Air Generators

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
HPZA3500-L1466 HPZA-7000-L1466 HPZA-18000-L1466 HPZA-7000-L1466 HPZA-30000-L1466
26000-026EA 20560.87 USD
26000-026 CA26000-024 89237-566 26000-024 26000-028
VWR® Zero Air Generators
Gas Generators Zero Air Generators
Systems produce UHP zero air with a purity level below 0.05ppm total hydrocarbon content from a compressed air supply.

  • Eliminate dangerous gas cylinders from lab
  • Recommended and used by major GC and column manufacturers
  • Generated air can be used as a support gas
  • Simple installation with standard equipment

The air generated can be used as support gas for total hydrocarbon analyzers, as nebulizer and exhaust pump gas for LC/MS instruments, or as oxidants/support gas for GC with FID, FPD, and NPD detectors. The generators are engineered for easy installation, operation, and long-term performance. All that is required for installation is a standard compressed air line and an electrical outlet.
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