Volumetric Pipets, Class A, Color-Coded, Hirschmann

Supplier: Hirschmann Laborgeräte
134G2 134G20S 134G3 134G1S 134G10S 134G15S 134G5S 134G50S 134G2S 134G4S 134G5 134G3S 134G10 134G20 134G4 134G25S 134G15 134G1 134G50 134G100 134G25
89085-226PK 345.81 USD
89085-226 89085-228 89085-216 89085-156 89085-222 89085-166 89085-232 89085-224 89085-158 89085-234 89085-168 89085-218 89085-152 89085-162 89085-154 89085-220 89085-230 89085-164 89085-170 89085-172 89085-160
Volumetric Pipets, Class A, Color-Coded, Hirschmann
Pipets Graduated Pipets
Pipets are constructed of borosilicate glass and feature black enamel lettering and a graduation line.

Designed to deliver according to ASTM Specification E969, Class A requirements. Color-coded for ease in sorting and selection according to ASTM E1273. Serialized pipets include a Certificate of Identification and Accuracy. All pipets feature lot number and production year printed onto the pipet for QA purposes.
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