Epoxy Resin Tub Sinks, Kewaunee®

Supplier: Kewaunee
VF-1005-00 VF-1003-DT 1027-00 VF-1003-00 1008-00 VF-1021-00 VF-1006-00 1022-00 VF-1007-00
VF-1005-00EA 618.4 USD
VF-1005-00 VF-1003-DT VF-1003-00 VF-1006-00 VF-1007-00 VF-1008-00 VF-1027-00 VF-1022-00 VF-1021-00
Epoxy Resin Tub Sinks, Kewaunee®
Furniture Casework Accessories Sinks
Tub sinks are made from a combination of modified epoxy resins and inert fillers to produce a durable, long-lasting material.

  • Formed in metal molds, the seamless, one-piece sinks feature coved corners and bottoms pitched to the 3.8 cm (1¹/₂") sized drain outlets

Información para pedidos: Available with one or two basins.
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