UVP FirstLight® Illuminators, Analytik Jena

Supplier: Analytik Jena
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21474-706EA 4098.81 USD
21474-706 82023-304 82023-306 82023-300 82023-302
UVP FirstLight® Illuminators, Analytik Jena
Transilluminators UV Transilluminators
Unique illuminator design provides extremely uniform UV illumination, which is critical for accurate quantitative analysis

These models present a highly uniform excitation source for quantitative fluorescent imaging in a wide range of genomic and proteomic applications, such as electrophoretic separation and quantitation of 1D and 2D protein separations, solid phase immunoassays, and DNA and RNA quantitation. They are also recommended for use in imaging systems utilizing digital camera technology.

These compact illuminators ensure that high sensitivity and dynamic range are consistent across the illumination surface. High uniformity <5% coefficient of variance (CV) across the full filter area ensures accurate gel-to-gel comparison and eliminates the need for software correction of uniformity.

Información para pedidos: Illuminator includes a gel tray, gel cutter, focus target, and UV blocking cover.
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