Pipet Tips for Tecan® Robotic Workstations, Axygen Scientific

Supplier: Corning

TT-1000-CBK-HTR-S TT-200-CBK-HTR EVF-180-R-S TT-1000-CBK-HTR-24 TTF-20-C-HTR-S TTF-50-C-HTR-S EV-50-NTR TTF-1000-C-HTR-S EV-200-NTR-S EV-50-R-S EV-50-R TT-1000-CBK-HTR TT-50-CBK-HTR EV-50-NTR-S TT-1000-C-HTR-S TT-50-CBK-HTR-S TTF-200-CBK-HTR-S EV-100-R TT-50-CBK-HTR-36 TT-20-CBK-HTR TT-200-CBK-HTR-S EV-200-NTR EV-200-NTR-S TT-200-C-HTR-S EV-50-NTR TTF-1000-CBK-HTR-S TT-200-C-HTR EVF-100-R-S EVF-50-R-S EV-200-R-S EV-200-R EV-200-NTR TTF-50-CBK-HTR-S EV-50-NTR-S TTF-20-CBK-HTR-S TT-1000-C-HTR TT-50-C-HTR TTF-200-C-HTR-S
10030-826CS 438.71 USD
10030-826 89087-340 10030-828 89080-498 10030-822 89080-496 89080-494 10030-824 89040-104 89080-490 89040-102 89040-068 89040-084 89040-062 89040-060 89040-082 89040-100 89040-066 89040-064 89040-086 CA10030-828 89080-500 CA10030-826 CA10030-824 CA10030-822 89087-538 89040-058 89040-074 89040-096 89040-094 89040-072 89040-098 89080-506 89080-504 89040-092 89040-070 89040-090 89080-502
Pipet Tips for Tecan® Robotic Workstations, Axygen Scientific
Pipet Tips
EVO-style tips are compatible with Tecan Freedom EVO®, Caliper Zephyr® SPE, and BioTek® Precision™ robotic pipetting systems.

  • Tips are certified RNase-, DNase-, and pyrogen-free

Genesis-style tips are compatible with Tecan Genesis Freedom, Freedom EVO, and MiniPrep robotic workstations, as well as Cavro®, PerkinElmer/Packard Multiprobe II HT, and Multiprobe II HT EX workstations.

Envase: Packaged in plastic blister packs.
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