Nunc-Immuno™ BreakApart™ and LockWell™ Breakable Modules, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Nunc-Immuno™ LockWell™ BreakApart™
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Nunc-Immuno™ BreakApart™ and LockWell™ Breakable Modules, Thermo Scientific
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Provide maximum flexibility in assaying samples

Modules are made of virgin polystyrene and are available in four surface treatments. The mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic MaxiSorp™ surface binds to a wide variety of biomolecules, but has been optomized to bind IgG. Recommended for assays where glycoproteins, such as antibodies, are adsorbed into the plastic. The hydrophobic PolySorp™ surface is recommended for the immobilization of hydrophobic biomolecules, such as lipids and hydrophobic proteins. PolySorp™ is less polar and can be used for viral membrane antigens.

The MediSorp™ surface is recommended for adsorption of medium to large biomolecules with hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, such as immunoglobulins, peptides, and albumins. Non-specific binding is reduced for samples that contain serum or plasma.

The MultiSorp™ surface is recommended for adsorption of glycoproteins, polar lipids, and phospholipids.

MaxiSorp™ and MediSorp™ plates are certified for reproducible binding of IgG. Certified plates guarantee uniform binding capacity of CV <5%, intra well O.D. within ±10% from the mean of the plate. Background reading for all wells within ±0.005 adsorbance units from mean.

Modules permit assaying a whole plate, one or more strips, or individual wells. Both plates are 86x128mm with a 96 MicroWell™ design. BreakApart™ modules consist of a frame with 12 well carriers, each holding a break-apart strip of eight wells. The carriers hold the wells securely and enable easy handling of wells within or outside of the frames. The LockWell™ modules use a locking well frame configuration that keeps the wells in the same horizontal position, even during machine operations. Modules feature C-bottom wells with a total volume of 350µL. The wells have rounded sides for thorough washing and a flat bottom for optical clarity. The U8 Breakable 1x8 Modules are designed for the adsorption of hydrophobic molecules. These polystyrene modules offer high optical quality and a working volume of 250µL.
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