CrystalQuick™ 96-Well Protein Crystallization Plates, Greiner Bio-One

Supplier: Greiner bio-one
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CrystalQuick™ 96-Well Protein Crystallization Plates, Greiner Bio-One
Microplates Crystallisation Plates
Square-well plates have three crystallization wells per reservoir, making it possible to test 288 samples per plate.

  • Sitting drop applications
  • 96 flat bottom reservoirs
  • 1 or 3 crystallization wells per each reservoir
  • Automation-friendly, high-throughput format
  • Reduced sample and reagent consumption
  • Facilitated sealing, companion VIEWseal
  • Low Birefringent (LBR) versions for Polarized Light Imaging
  • Bar codes available

The maximum volume of the crystallization drops is 4 L

Plates feature optically clear sample wells and reservoirs with frosted bottoms. Standard plates offer three crystallization sample wells on an elevated platform adjacent to each of the 96 buffer wells, enabling high throughput screening with 288 crystallizations per plate. Low-profile plates offer one crystallization sample well per each of the 96 buffer wells, in a lower plate height for increased storage capacity. Plates are made of polystyrene (PS) for clarity or polyolefin for low birefringence (LBR). LBR plates are specially designed for use with polarized light. Plates with hydrophobic surfaces are suited for nanoliter crystallization of membrane proteins and allow tension of protein droplet to be adjusted. All plates have a footprint conforming to the ANSI/SBS 1-2004 Standard.

CrystalDrop™ microplate lids feature 192 predefined indentations that expand the application of CrystalQuick™ plates for additional hanging drop vapor diffusion. Lids enable simultaneous hanging and sitting drop vapor diffusion screens with up to three sitting drops and two hanging drops per reservoir. Printed, light-tight masks allow for improved detection of crystal growth, while grooves around each of the 96 locations facilitate individual air-tight sealing of each well with either silicone grease or any other adhesive. Lids are well suited for automated liquid delivery and liquid handling without drop movement or cross-contamination. Plates and lids must be purchased separately. These plates enable the investigation of optimal crystal growth conditions for subsequent X-ray diffraction analysis.

Round-well plates have three round crystallization wells per reservoir, makes it possible to test 288 samples per plate. The bottom of the crystallization wells is concave. The maximum volume of the crystallization drops is 1.9 L. Square-well, low-profile plates have excellent optical properties. Crystal harvesting is made easier by the angled walls of the crystallization wells. Reduces space requirements for storage.

Dimensions: 128L x 86W x 14.4H mm (5 x 33/8 x 5/8") Full-Height Plate, 128L x 86W x 8H mm (5 x 3 x 5/16") Low-Profile Plate

Información para pedidos: All plate types are available as polystyrene standard versions and an LBR version with low birefringent background for crystal scoring with polarized light. Customized bar code labels are available upon request for all plate types. Plates and lids must be purchased separately.
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