HLA/Terasaki Plates, Greiner Bio-One

Supplier: Greiner bio-one
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HLA/Terasaki Plates, Greiner Bio-One
Microplates Cell Culture Plates
Made of high-clarity polystyrene resin, these microtest plates are suitable for all applications for serological determination of HLA antigens, and are widely used for microbatch protein crystallization.

  • Polystyrene resin construction
  • Smooth, hydrophilic surface in most models
  • Flat-bottom design for enhanced clarity

Plates are treated to assure a smooth, hydrophilic surface for sera and cells, and come with standard raised lids or recessed lids for greater stackability. Well top is conical for localization of crystallization drop; well bottom is flat for optical clarity. Rims allow for simultaneous filling of wells. All plates have a hydrophilic tissue culture treated surface, and are nonpyrogenic, DNase-, RNase-, and human DNA-free; except for the raised 11.5 µL plates, which have untreated, hydrophobic surfaces. Plate LxWxH dimensions: 83 x 58 x 10 mm.
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