Axygen® PCR Tube Strips and Dome Cap Strips, Corning

Supplier: Corning

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47745-512CS 678.87 USD
CA10169-886 47745-512 10169-916 CA10169-916 10169-918 CA10169-918 10011-760 10011-782 10011-766 10011-774 12000-206 10011-764 10011-786 10169-886
Axygen® PCR Tube Strips and Dome Cap Strips, Corning
Tubes PCR Tubes
These polypropylene tube strips and cap strips are specifically designed for PCR use and are ideal for thermal transfer applications.

  • Made from highly polished molds
  • Free of lubricants, dyes, heavy metals, and fillers

The ultra-thin and consistent tube walls ensure that thermal transfer is precisely even along the surface of the tube. The unique cap design guarantees a perfect fit to prevent sample evaporation during thermal cycling. Tubes offer a maximum RCF of 4000 g. Tubes and caps are certified by lot number to be RNase-, DNase-, and pyrogen-free.

Información para pedidos: Tube strips and cap strips are ordered separately. For Real Time PCR applications, select the clear tube strips and the Real Time PCR cap strips.
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