VWR® Contour™ Pedestal Legs

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
VWR® Contour™
CFA-2830-RA CFA-2236-R CFA-2233-R CFA-2830-L CFA-2233-L CFA-2836-LA CFA-2230-RA CFA-2236-RA CFA-2836-L CFA-2236-LA CFA-2230-R CFA-2836-R CFA-2230-L CFA-2236-L CFA-2836-RA CFA-2830-R CFA-2830-LA
CFA-2830-LAEA 55.13 USD
CFA-2830-LA CFA-2830-L CFA-2230-RA CFA-2836-L CFA-2830-R CFA-2236-LA CFA-2236-R CFA-2233-R CFA-2836-R CFA-2230-R CFA-2236-L CFA-2233-L CFA-2230-L CFA-2836-RA CFA-2836-LA CFA-2830-RA CFA-2236-RA
VWR® Contour™ Pedestal Legs
Furniture Casework
Contour Pedestal Legs are available in left- and right-specific models with varying depths and heights.

  • Available in a variety of heights and depths

Each pedestal leg adds 5.1 cm (2") to the overall length of the assembly to which it is attached.
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