CentriVap® Benchtop Centrifugal Concentrators and Systems, Labconco®

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89004-934EA 23203.2 USD
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CentriVap® Benchtop Centrifugal Concentrators and Systems, Labconco®
Evaporators Centrifugal Evaporators
Ideal for biology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmaceutical research, and analytical chemistry laboratories, centrifugal concentrators quickly process the evaporation of multiple small samples

Microprocessor-controlled 300W heater speeds evaporation by supplying up to 100°C (212°F) of heat in 1°C increments. Optional heat boost warms the chamber with additional heat up to 100°C in 1°C increments. Heat and run times are set separately to protect heat-sensitive samples from excessive heat exposure after the solvent has evaporated. The lid features a large, phenol-free seal and a safety sensor that prevents startup when the lid is open. Concentrators include a 1.3cm (1/2") O.D. aluminum hose fitting and a vacuum port with a 6.4mm (1/4") quick-disconnect fitting. An electrical receptacle on the back allows the vacuum pump (sold separately) to be powered and controlled via the control panel. Cold traps have CFC-free refrigeration systems with 1/4hp compressors that lower temperature to –55°C (–67°F) in less than 20 minutes. The ultra-low cold traps have two compressors to lower temperature to –85°C (–121°F) within 40 minutes. All traps feature an acrylic lid with two quick-disconnect fittings for 1.3cm (1/2") I.D. hose, an LED temperature graph display, and a 4L stainless steel collector that features a drain with a corrosion-resistant nylon valve.

CentriVap® aqueous, acid, and solvent systems include a benchtop concentrator, cold trap, 12–13mm rotor, and vacuum tubing with six clamps. Aqueous systems also include a clear canister and moisture insert. Acid systems include an acid-resistant benchtop concentrator, an acid-resistant 12–13mm rotor, a clear canister, an acid insert, and a glass trap. Solvent systems feature glass lids and include a clear canister and solvent insert. Gel dryer systems include a gel dryer and a three-way valve. Vacuum pumps are sold separately. The CentriVap® systems are also available as mobile units, which encase the system components in a brushed stainless steel cabinet with 5.1cm (2") dia. hard rubber casters. The cabinets feature space for vacuum pumps (not included). Mobile systems are supplied with a 12–13mm rotor that holds a hundred 12x75mm or 13x75mm tubes, sixty-four 12x95mm or 13x100mm tubes, sixteen 12x55mm tubes, or forty 1.5 or 2.0mL microcentrifuge tubes. Mobile systems also include a clear canister and solvent insert.

The 115V, 60Hz concentrators and all 60Hz cold traps and systems are ETL and ETLc listed. The 230V, 50Hz concentrators and all 50Hz cold traps and systems are CE marked.

Note: The 115V concentrator systems require a 20A dedicated circuit; the 115V mobile concentrator systems require a 20A circuit breaker. The 230V concentrator systems require a 10A dedicated circuit; the 230V mobile concentrator systems require a 10A circuit breaker. Electrical current ratings exclude vacuum pump usage on all Benchtop Centrifugal Concentrators, Concentrator Systems, and Mobile Concentrator Systems.

Benchtop vacuum concentrators feature 30.5cm (12") dia. epoxy-coated aluminum chambers to accommodate a wide selection of high-capacity rotors. A microprocessor controls centrifugal motion to eliminate bumping and foaming during vacuum evaporation. The brushless motor has a maximum speed of 1725rpm. A large automatic vacuum release valve prevents loss of sample by quickly releasing the vacuum before the rotor stops. During startup, a built-in vacuum delay prevents bumping by allowing the rotor to achieve set speed before applying vacuum. Up to nine user-set programs may be stored to define temperature, heat time, and run time. Program temperature and time may be altered while the program is being run. Timer may be set for 1 to 999 minutes. An easy-to-read LCD shows program number, actual and set point temperatures, heat time, run time, and a heat boost indicator. The control panel features three Quick-Start™ buttons that each store one user-set program. An audible alarm signals completion of set point run time.

Información para pedidos: All units include one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Acid-resistant benchtop concentrators (89041-236 and 89041-238) feature a fluoropolymer resin-coated aluminum chamber. Other components in the vapor path are constructed of acid-resistant materials as well. The 115V mobile concentrators and cold traps are supplied with a 2m (6.5') three-wire power cord with a NEMA 5-15 plug; the 115V mobile systems are supplied with a 3m (10') three-wire power cord with a NEMA 5-20 plug. The 230V concentrators, cold traps, and mobile systems are supplied with a 2.4m (8') power cord with a NEMA 6-15 plug. Benchtop concentrators require cold traps and a vacuum pump; systems require a vacuum pump. For vacuum pumps, gauges, and other accessories, contact your VWR sales representative.
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