VWR® Pure Gum Rubber Stoppers, Two-Hole

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
4--M182 3--M182 0--M182 10-M182 9--M182 6--M182 12-M182 5--M182
59585-302CS 364.51 USD
59585-302 59585-346 59585-288 59585-222 59585-200 59585-186 59585-164 59585-109
VWR® Pure Gum Rubber Stoppers, Two-Hole
Stoppers Rubber Stoppers
These highly resilient, pure gum, off-white rubber stoppers have less free sulfur (max

  • High resiliency
  • Variety of stopper sizes
  • Two-hole design

Made with two holes to facilitate laboratory usage. Stoppers sized as 00 or 0 have 3mm diameter holes; size 1 stoppers have 4mm holes. Rubber stoppers sized as 2 and larger have 5mm diameter holes. Length: 25mm.

0.25%) and are lower density than standard black rubber stoppers.
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