Super Erecta Shelf® Utility Carts, MW Series, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
Super Erecta Shelf®
MW205 MW606 MW604 MW711 MW606 MW401 MW404 MW708 MW205 MW707 MW203 MW712 MW601 MW402 MW104 MW607 MW204 MW108 MW206 MW105 MW608 MW203 MW605 MW108 MW106 MW703 MW204 MW705 MW708 MW602 MW703 MW603 MW602 MW601 MW611 MW605 MW612 MW705 MW208 MW702 MW706 MW402 MW103 MW603 MW706 MW608 MW612 MW707 MW104 MW712 MW406 MW702 MW704 MW704 MW401 MW701 MW103 MW403 MW105 MW604 MW206 MW607 MW403 MW208 MW406 MW711 MW701 MW611 MW404 MW106
19766-566EA 632.02 USD
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Super Erecta Shelf® Utility Carts, MW Series, Metro™
These utility carts are designed for long life

All 45.7cm (18") wide carts have 10.1cm (4") light-duty casters. The 53.3cm (21") and 61cm (24") wide carts have 12.7cm (5") light-duty casters. All carts include 8.9cm (31/2") diameter donut bumpers. Overall height (to top of handle) is 101cm (40").

MW100 series carts feature two stainless steel flat shelves and stainless steel handles. MW200 series carts feature three stainless steel flat shelves and stainless steel handles. MW400 series carts feature two chrome wire shelves, one stainless steel flat shelf, and chrome handles. Solid shelf can be positioned on top, middle, or bottom. MW600 series carts feature two wire shelves in chrome or stainless steel with handles of matching material. MW700 series carts feature three wire shelves in chrome or stainless steel, with handles of matching material.

Flat shelves are ideal for transporting materials that require an expanse of flat, solid surface. They feature a raised edge, which permits fast cleanup of spilled liquids, and double-thick 18-gauge steel at the edges for rigidity and strength. Wire shelves have a bright, modern, sanitary appearance. Their open construction minimizes dust accumulation and maximizes visibility and air circulation.

They are maintenance-free and easy to maneuver in small areas.
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