MetroMax i™ Stem Caster Carts, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
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82003-314EA 2508.74 USD
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MetroMax i™ Stem Caster Carts, Metro™
Carts are ideal for storing and transporting chemicals

Carts feature four shelves that may be adjusted in 1.3 cm (1/2") increments for maximum storage.

Cart shelves feature perimeter ledges to contain spills and safely transport receptacles. Surface ribs keep products from sticking to the shelf. Easy-to-clean shelves and posts are made of strong, durable, reinforced polymers, and are smooth and rounded with no sharp edges. Carts are ideal for use in damp, humid conditions, as well as dry storage. Not recommended for use in temperatures below –29°C (–20°F).

Información para pedidos: Manufacturer's lifetime warranty against corrosion and rust. Carts are shipped knocked down and can be assembled in minutes without the use of tools. Each cart includes four open-grid or solid-shelf mats, wedge connectors, and four casters (two swivel, two brake) of the indicated type.
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