Deep Ledge Utility Carts, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
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82021-100EA 637.63 USD
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Deep Ledge Utility Carts, Metro™
Utility carts feature corrosion-proof polyurethane shelves with 7cm (23/4") deep ledges to contain products and spills

Smooth surfaces are designed to resist staining and wipe clean easily.

They have chrome-plated posts and an ergonomically-designed, chrome-plated handle. Carts are mounted on four resilient 10.2cm (4") diameter rubber casters. Three-shelf units have an easy-to-position center shelf that is adjustable in 2.5cm (1") increments. Each shelf can hold up to 68kg (150lbs.), and each unit can hold up to 181kg (400lbs.). Height: 104cm (41").

Certificaciones: NSF listed.

Información para pedidos: Carts are shipped knocked down and require no tools to assemble.
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