Nunc-Immuno™ and Fluoronunc™/Luminunc™ 96-Well Modules and Frames, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Nunc-Immuno™ Fluoronunc/Luminunc™
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62409-316CS 608.81 USD
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Nunc-Immuno™ and Fluoronunc™/Luminunc™ 96-Well Modules and Frames, Thermo Scientific
Microplates Immunology Microplates and Strips
Composed of individual modules consisting of either 8, 12, or 16 wells, these plates are designed specifically for quantitative immunoassays and solid phase assays

Well modules and frames are compatible with 96-well plate automation. Well modules are held firmly by the frame and will not come loose when inverted. Modules are made of virgin polystyrene. The mixed hydrophilic/hydrophobic MaxiSorp™ surface binds to a wide variety of biomolecules, but has been optimized to bind IgG. Recommended for assays where glycoproteins, such as antibodies, are adsorbed into the plastic. The hydrophobic PolySorp™ surface is recommended for the immobilization of hydrophobic biomolecules, such as lipids and hydrophobic proteins. PolySorp™ is less polar and can be used for viral membrane antigens. MaxiSorp™ and PolySorp™ plates are certified for consistent binding of IgG. The MediSorp™ surface is recommended for adsorption of medium to large biomolecules with hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties, such as immunoglobulins, peptides, and albumins. Non-specific binding is reduced for samples that contain serum or plasma. Well modules and frames are designed for one-way fit; plates comply with SBS standards for 96-well microplates. Choose from round-, C-, flat-, or StarWell™-bottom wells. The C-bottom wells combine the readability of a flat-bottom well with the washing ease of a round-bottom well. The StarWell™-bottom design increases the surface area to volume ratio, which decreases assay times and increases sensitivity.

The MultiSorp™ surface is recommended for adsorption of glycoproteins, polar lipids, and phospholipids.

Nunc-Immuno™ modules feature high optical quality, an alphanumeric orientation system, and are ideal for colorimetric ELISA tests.

FluoroNunc™/LumiNunc™ modules are ideal for fluorescent and luminescent assays. LockWell™ modules use a locking well frame to prevent jamming.

Certified plates guarantee uniform binding capacity and a CV <5% between wells, with all results being within ±10% from the mean of the plate and background reading for all wells within ±0.005 adsorbance units from mean.

Información para pedidos: Wells are available in strips of 8, 12, or 16 as complete plates with frames. Clear strips of 8 or 16 are available separately.
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