Nunclon™ Delta 96-Well MicroWell™ Plates, Sterile, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
Nunclon™ MicroWell™
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25382-329CS 373.16 USD
CA21993-954 CA25382-329 25382-329 46000-328 CA25382-342 CA46000-328 CA25382-341 25382-342 CA25382-340 25382-340 25382-341 73521-214 CA73521-214 43300-444 CA43300-430 43300-430 CA21993-952 CA43300-446 21993-954 CA43300-444 43300-446 21993-952
Nunclon™ Delta 96-Well MicroWell™ Plates, Sterile, Thermo Scientific
Microplates Cell Culture Plates
These 96-well, polystyrene plates are ideal for cell culture, cloning, viral titration, and cell fusion

The Nunclon™Δ treated surface ensures optimal cell growth and attachment. Plates fit standard automated handling equipment. Plate edges and lids are designed to minimize evaporation. Lids are shaped to facilitate stacking. Raised well rims reduce cross-contamination. White plates provide maximum reflection, minimum autofluorescence and autoluminescence. Black plates provide minimum background and back light scatter in fluorescence assays. Plates also feature alphanumeric well identification and excellent optical quality. Radiation sterilized.

Información para pedidos: For lids and sealing tapes, see the Nunc® Microplate Lids, Thermo Scientific series.
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