Wide-Mouth Safety Drum Funnels, Justrite®

Supplier: Justrite
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56610-528EA 689.45 USD
56610-528 48956-188 56610-526 56610-000 56610-501
Wide-Mouth Safety Drum Funnels, Justrite®
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Ideal for transfering solvents, thinners, oil, and paint wastes to large drums. Heavy, 18 gauge galvanized steel with electrostatically applied epoxy powder-coat paint provides durability and chemical resistance.

  • Funnel has brass fill tube that directs flow to drum bottom, reducing splashing and vapors
  • Larger funnels accept a lock to prevent unauthorized access

Funnels feature a self-closing lid with a fusible link that melts at 73.8 °C (165 °F)

Funnel 48956-188 has a 2.5 cm (1") flame arrester and should only be used with 18.9 L (5 gal.) drums. Funnel 56610-501 has a 15.2 cm (6") flame arrester and handles most needs. Funnel 56610-526 has a 81.3 cm (32") flame arrester and provides greater liquid flow. Funnel 56610-528 is fitted with a 83.8 cm (33") open-end brass tube to direct liquid flow and is ideal for use with viscous liquids.

Ideal for earthquake-prone areas, tip-over protection funnel 56610-000 has the same features as 56610-501, but also includes a self-closing ball valve and vent adapter. The ball valve threads into a 5 cm (2") drum bung to minimize vapor emissions and prevent spillage if the drum is tipped. A separate brass vent adapter fits into the 1.9 cm (3/4") drum bung to provide pressure and vacuum relief for protection against rupture or explosion.

In case of a fire, the cover automatically shuts to extinguish the flames. Funnels intended for use with flammables are fitted with a brass flame arrester that absorbs and dissipates heat, preventing any external ignition source from reaching the drum's flammable contents.

Certificaciones: All funnels comply with EPA and OSHA regulations and are FM approved.
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