MetroMax Q™ Top-Track™ High-Density Storage System, Metro™

Supplier: Metro International
MetroMax Q™ Top-Track™
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MetroMax Q™ Top-Track™ High-Density Storage System, Metro™
Furniture Shelves
The Top-Track™ system maximizes the usable storage area in a given space.

  • The width of the stationary end and stationary intermediate units should be equal to or greater than the width of the mobile units

MetroMax Q™ heavy-duty components are made of steel with an electroplated substrate and a highly durable, abrasion-resistant epoxy finish. MetroMax Q™ products are recommended for continuous use in temperatures from –29 to 52 °C (–20 to 125 °F), with acceptable intermittent exposure to 93 °C (200 °F). Stationary end and stationary intermediate unit kits include four 218.4 cm (86") high posts and the necessary stainless steel hardware for connecting track sets to two stationary end units or one stationary intermediate unit. A stationary intermediate unit is required when track length exceeds 6.4 m (21'). The stationary end and stationary intermediate units must contain a minimum of four shelves.

Mobile unit kits for single systems include four 188 cm (74") posts, four casters with bumpers, four caster channels, and four roller assemblies. Mobile unit kits for double deep systems also include the necessary hardware to connect two mobile units in the double deep configuration. The recommended maximum load rating for a mobile unit is 408.2 kg (900 lbs.). For the mobile units to function properly, the floor area should be level, smooth, and free from large cracks and raised obstacles.

Track sets include two segments of track. Only one track set is required between stationary units. The wall mount bracket kit includes one pair of brackets to attach a Top-Track system to a wall. The stop plate kit includes stops and fasteners for one end of the track set.

Note: MetroMax Q™ shelves must be purchased separately.

The overhead track system guides mobile units between stationary units. An access aisle can be opened between any two units as needed. This open access to all units promotes cleanliness and permits users to walk or push utility carts in between units, simplifying the material handling task.

Información para pedidos: For MetroMax Q™ shelves, see 83007-444 series. Additional accessories such as shelf dividers, stackable ledges, tray slides, label holders, and more are also available; contact your VWR sales representative for more information.
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